Winning Over Italy

There’s Music in the Moon Tonight!



As the winds subside and the skies return to their reassuring azure, we lift our noses to the scent of the coming summer.  Hot days, warm nights and dancing on moonlit beaches.  Free open-air concerts, jazz fests in mountain-town piazzas and radio city…live on the promenade of Reggio Calabria.  Here, summer and music go together like  a white vellum sail gliding over a glass-like ocean as the sun rises, like the smell of fresh bread and coffee floating from an early morning café, like lovers holding hands in the moonlight as they wander to their waiting Vespa.  Us?  Tired and happy we climb into Lorenzo’s car, turn up the radio and watch the moon over Sicily as we drive back along the coast road, home just before the sun wakes once again from behind the Aspromonte Mountains.  This is the essence of Calabria…..I hope this song we wrote for you captures some of that spirit.  NOW…CLICK PLAY….and see the video!