Winning Over Italy

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Biography. CC Winning

CC Winning, Charles Cameron Winning, was born, raised and educated in Glasgow, Scotland. From the age of 14 he was always writing, mainly songs, so after gaining his degree in Hotel Management he moved to London to be nearer the music scene. He supported himself with jobs in the hotel business until he got the opportunity to work in the music industry. Starting in studio support he became more involved with production and production management working alongside many famous artists. Live aid was an intense time. After his daughter, Daisy, was born, he reverted to a more stable career. First as a purchasing manager for a legal company and later as a golf club manager. Then he met his wife Maria who encouraged his writing talents and creative work.

On Italy

They came to Italy in 2009 to escape the economic downturn. He sold up his business he had working with some of the world’s most prominent chefs and restaurants and moved to seek a better way to develop his creative side. At first he thought he would put a blues trio together for fun until he realised that the musicians in Calabria were so much better than he expected. So the beginning of an album ensued. A blog came next. This got the attention of a successful travel writer and his agent. At this point there was only one way things were going to go…Becoming an author.


He has been a restaurant manager at a famous restaurant, a hotel chef, a catering manager, a golf club manager, a purchasing manager and even a taxi driver. He has had his own business, been a music producer manager, a roadie and a stage technician. Finally as an English teacher. There have been many funny and interesting stories along his journey but few can be repeated in public, at least while the protagonists are still with us. What goes on tour stays on tour. Some however, may appear in the songs and stories.

I’ve visited more than 25 countries around the world