Winning Over Italy

Sun’s Out….


The sun’s out and so is school, all my students safely guided through the stress of exam time..I pray.  So a long hot summer begins and a lot to look forward to, kicking off with my old friend and ex-band buddy Alan joining us for a break this week, followed swiftly a week later by my daughter Daisy.  Both are coming for the first time so I’m wondering, a little nervously, about what their impressions of Calabria and Casa Piccolo will be.   In mid-July we drive to Rome (with Daisy) to catch a flight to Glasgow for my sister Hilary’s wedding and afterwards by a few days in London to catch up with the in-crowd and for Maria to do some much-missed window shopping, though why she wants to buy the windows before the house has been built concerns me a little.  I suppose they can be altered if they don’t fit.  All this work and preparation for visits has eaten into Blogtime over the last few weeks, for which I apologise.  I know how much you must have been missing those Sunday afternoons with the latest post…ahem. 

Of course, it’s not all going to be catching rays between World Cup matches (at least for the next couple of weeks) as there’s still the small matter of putting a crust or two on the table.  Luckily I’ve got myself a few private lessons each week so at least we’ll be able to enjoy discovering new places and people without worrying about the bills too much…if we take it easy and live sensibly.  Apart from the new adventures I’ve got planned, as Reggio wakes up for the summer and the music season bursts into life with live music concerts all over the region every night…. nearly all of it free, I have some interesting tales to tell.  Fear and Driving in R.C. will, I hope, amuse as well as inform (especially the virgin driver in Italy)  while Ice Cream with Alice will take you for a typically hot night out in Reggio and I have a great day to relate in Winging Over Italy – a bird’s eye view of Calabria as a guest of the Flying Squad!   So, the sun’s out and so must I.