Winning Over Italy

CC Winning



When I first came to Italy I’d thought that my musical interest would probably only continue by setting up a little blues trio. Find a guitarist and a drummer and have a little fun.  

So I thought, correctly, that visiting recording studios would be a good way of finding the musicians I thought I needed.  But low and behold, my parochial presumptions about players outside the USA and UK was abruptly put in its place when I realised just how many practisers of the art seemed to be a lot more abundant in numbers and talent. Dozens of better bassists than me.

Switch Idea. The studio I chose was old school, all the right gear but not in that modern, grey-steel lined, sterilised environment but a relaxed, cracked-leather atmosphere where people drop in and have a chat regardless. LM Recording Studio. No surprise to find out that owner, Teresa, was also a writer, musician and performer.

I immediately hit it off with the man who would become designated producer, a man who’s studied, broken down and analysed almost every music, band, song and harmony ever written. Alessio  ‘Lex’ Mauro.

The making of this record has been a fabulous adventure.  Delving through old contacts from the USA to The UK and new friends in Calabria, I found the people who I knew would fit.  All have immediately jumped in, and seamlessly interpreted my ideas and, hopefully, enjoyed themselves in the process.

We now rehearse for the gigs and concerts to promote the album (July release) with dates to be announced soon. Here is the gallery of all those who have changed my life.