Winning Over Italy

The Story of Dave the Chair



The story of Dave The Chair, two-head John and Danny probably started back in the 18th century during the colonial wars….or maybe even before! A time when injured war veterans and the slightly odd in society were cast out onto the streets to beg. Their reward.

For me the story of Dave and his friends begins way back when Gorbals Glasgow was being pulled down and I was on my way to the theatre. Three men were huddled round an open fire and I wondered about their stories. The song finishes in the South of Italy in the present day, but the story will probably never end.

After centuries of enlightenment and modernity, we continue to treat the heroes and the damaged minds the same way, all over the world.

In some cities now it’s even illegal to give these people food.

So next time you pass a homeless person, don’t look away, don’t just toss a coin….be brave, ask them their story!