Winning Over Italy

CC Winning

CC Winning, Charles Cameron Winning, was born, raised and educated in
Glasgow, Scotland.
From the age of 14 he was always writing, mainly songs, so after gaining his degree in Hotel Management he moved to London to be nearer the music scene. He supported himself with jobs in the hotel business until he got the opportunity to work in the music industry. 

Starting in studio support he became more involved with
production and production management working alongside many famous
artists. Live aid was an intense time. After his daughter, Daisy, was born, he reverted to a more stable career.
First as a purchasing manager for a legal company and later as a golf club
manager. Then he met his wife Maria who encouraged his writing talents
and creative work.

"Excerpts from the Blog"

Acqua Pazza

Edizione Inglese
di CC Winning (Autore)

Everything above the water looks serene and pretty, but the current below is anything but. Hugh (Big Mac) MacMilan has had a rough year, including a bitter divorce and a police caution and his job as a journalist at a provincial newspaper is on the line. He decies to take a year’s sabbatical to get his head together and maybe write a book. He settles in a small fishing town in Sicily…he doesn’t want love or trouble, just the pleasures of good food and lots of sun. But then a friend goes missing and the darker side of town begins to tumble out and Commissario Guidi gets involved. The book seems to write itself.

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