Winning over Italy

A "heel to toe" look at Italy by C.C. Winning


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Today I arrived!  Today I made a decsion.  I got to the beach for the first time this summer at 8.00am.  The water is so clear, clear enough to drink and so calm!  The heat (at 8.00am) is about 27°.  From today and for the next two months I am going to get up early and go for a swim….I am going to feel healthy.  For the last two months it’s all been about promises, promises.  The work is nearly finished, so now it’s time to watch the ketch sail up the Straits, the children absorb the pleasure of the cool water and play their games.  Next week Maria and I start to enjoy our first true holiday…Naples, Pompei, Abruzzo, Bari and the coast roads back to Calabria…

Only last night we were on the beach at midnight.  The band started up. I was standing on the beach, the full moon above me, the waves lapping luxuriously on the sand and surrounded by beautiful women in bikinis!  The singer in the band was kind enough to intoduce me ” I cannot understand why this man has left London to come and live in Calabria” She said!

If only you knew!!!

Author: ccwinning

Hi, I am an ex-pat Scot living in Italy and this blog is my take on the Italian way of life, especially near the largely ignored areas around the "toe and heel" of the boot. I hope you will come to enjoy hearing about the places, the people and their customs

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