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Thinking Outside The Box Office


Just as a footnote to my last article about Pentedattilo and to add weight, were it really needed, to Calabria’s ability to surprise, I must let you know what happened just hours after sending out the last post.

You may remember how intrigued Iwas to find out how it could be possible to accommodate an audience for a film in any of the houses I saw in the village.  Well, let me tell you, the answer is even more surprising than I could have possibly guessed, though perhaps some of you quicker thinkers are already ahead of me.   I received a very gracious comment to the blog from Emanuele Milasi, the Artistic Manager of the Pentedattilo Film Festival, who has kindly invited me to the 2010 event so that I can see how it ‘s all done.   Have you guessed yet?  Do you want to know?  OK.  They show the films against the outside of the buildings I saw!  Of course!   All I can say is,  I can’t  imagine a more inspired location for such an original spectacle, especially on a balmy August evening under the stars.  The smell of  wild flowers, the torchlight of the moon guiding the way to my seat below mountain balconies, truly a seat in the gods.

So, do yourselves a favour.  If you’re looking for something new to do this summer, come to the picture houses!

My apologies, but as I was in London over last weekend the usual weekly post will be a little delayed.

(Please see links page for Festival web site)

Author: ccwinning

Hi, I am an ex-pat Scot living in Italy and this blog is my take on the Italian way of life, especially near the largely ignored areas around the "toe and heel" of the boot. I hope you will come to enjoy hearing about the places, the people and their customs

2 thoughts on “Thinking Outside The Box Office

  1. This is such colourful writing Charles. You seem to have found yr own piece of heaven 🙂

  2. Chas
    Expat good for you, I’d relocate in a second.

    John G and I are in Sardinia in May for a week at his pad. Perhaps you could pop across for some wine cheese and old times.

    Continui il buon lavoro, lo stile di vita italiano sembra alla serie voi Il vostro vecchio amico Andrew

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